Why choose Downtown Dogs for Dog Daycare and Boarding?

Howeleen Costume Contest Downtown Dogs 2014

Friday, October 31, is Howel-een - a fun, special day at Downtown Dogs for all the pups and their parents. Rather than a party, the pups will celebrate Howel-een all day. And we'll have treats for the parents at drop off and pick up and Howel-een fun all day.

Costume Contest: Since the pups play hard, wearing a costume all day isn't realistic. But they can come in their costumes and we'll take a picture and declare a winner. There will be prizes and fun and everyone will get a picture of their dog in the costume. (If you'd like to be in the picture too just allow a little extra time at drop off.)

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The best dog daycare and dog boarding for your dog.

Feel guilty Fluffy is in a crate all day? Fido have extra energy to burn? Wish your dog could play all day? Is the dog park too wet and cold? Downtown Dogs is the answer! You and your dog will be happy!

DowntownDogs_webcam.jpgWatch the dogs have fun! View our live webcams.

Check in on your dog with our multiple camera webcam system. To view on your monitor use links below.

Please note: To keep track of your dog's needs, the managers use iPods since they don’t have much time to look at a computer! Our employees are not ever permitted to interface with a personal hand held device at work.

– Regular Quality (must have Java installed)
– Higher Quality (IE 6.0+ with Direct X 9.0)

Having Trouble? Visit the support page.

Want to view the dogs on your phone or tablet? There's an app for that!

Visit Online Doggy for info or go the the app store to download. Our provider ID is 20526.

DowntownDogs_adopt.jpgMaking Adoption Pawsable

Downtown Dogs is immensely proud of our Making it Pawsable program. Each year we foster almost 100 homeless dogs. It's an important part of who we are and our commitment to helping less fortunate dogs in the community. We also support dogs at Underdog Rescue, Pet Haven, and Home for Life Animal Sanctuary.

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